Screen Enclosures in St Petersburg Get Dirty

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St Petersburg ScreensOver time, a screen enclosure will get dirty.  Screen enclosures in St Petersburg are especially susceptible given the wind off of Tampa Bay.

Dirt, however, is not the only issue found on your screen enclosure covering your swimming pool. Algae can develop on the structure as well. There are simple ways to keep the screen clean. Depending on the problem, the cleaning can be done alone or a professional may be required. When the screen is free of dirt and algae, kids will be safe during their day of swimming.

Pressure washers can clean the pool side screen enclosure when it is dirty. Pressure washers are sold at most hardware stores. They cost a lot of money, but they are worth owning. The pressure of the device will blast away dirt fast. If a pressure washer is not in your budget, consider buying a pressurized hose. A pressurized hose is a hose that pressurizes the water when a lever is adjusted. Pressure washers or hoses will not handle algae problems on screen enclosures. Only professionals can clean algae from a screen.

Algae builds on screen enclosure over time. Professionals cleaners have chemicals for algae that cleans it and prevents it from building back on the screen enclosure later. Generally, this is a one person job, and it will only takes a few hours to complete. Because chemicals are used, kids should avoid the screen enclosure area until it is safe. The professional will provide information about when kids can go near the screen enclosure after the chemicals are on the screen. Pets should also avoid the chemically sprayed area.

Screen enclosures by the swimming pool should be cleaned many times a year. Use a pressure washer for dirt and dust on the screen. Pressurized hoses can be used as well. For algae issues, a professional will be needed because the algae spray handles the problem and protects the screen from algae issues later during the year.

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